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Friday, March 2, 2012

Research Sites for Authors & Speakers

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referencebooksOver the years I’ve collected various Website links that have assisted me when I write. They include online dictionaries, thesauruses, reference, facts, statistics and other tips and tidbits!

reference1traspIncluded is an acronym finder, quotation sources and much more. Composing a poem? Find a word that rhymes. Post your press release on one site for FREE. One site features more than 45,000 famous quotes by 5,000 authors from Aristotle to Zappa! Another site features a searchable and categorised directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries.

Need a “Fact Checker?” This mind-boggling collections of links will take you to the Web’s top dictionaries, encyclopedias, telephone directories, search engines, maps, homework helpers, weather reports, newspapers and magazines. You’ll find it at the link below. Remember to book mark the link for future reference.

To check out Larry James’ “Research Sites for Authors and Speakers,” click here!

If you have favorite Website links that would be helpful to Authors and Speakers, please leave a comment and a link.


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