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Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Marks – A Great Marketing Tool for Authors & Speakers

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bookmarkBook marks are one of the most cost-effective way to promote your book. I usually order 10,000 at a time. Full-color is best. Printed materials are much cheaper per unit when ordered in large quantity.

They are inexpensive to print, easy to carry, and provide plenty of advertising space. Doing a trade show? Have a stack of free book marks available. Doing a book signing? Sign them and hand them out to everyone.

Don’t be surprised if people ask you to sign your bookmarks. If they are printed on glossy paper, carry a Sharpie marker for writing on your bookmarks. If you expect to write notes on them, leave the back blank and consider printing on C1S (coated one side) cardstock so it’s easier to write with a regular pen.

I carry extras with me in the car. I also post them on a bulletin boards in super-markets, coffee houses, or wherever I spot a bulletin board. Even if people aren’t interested in reading “your” book, they still use book marks to read the books in which they are interested.

Have them printed on heavy paper so the bookmark is sturdy. 120-pound card stock is the standard for bookmarks. I usually print only one side. I do not print my book marks with a glossy coating. If you need to sign one or add something to the back, they are difficult to write on. Always carry a finepoint black marker.

When visiting book store or library, insert your bookmark into related books. Everytime something is mailed from my office, I include a business card and book mark. Book marks are the perfect way to say “thank you” to your readers.

Make sure that the title of your book is the focus of side one. A graphic of the book cover works well. Making your title the primary attraction will help to enforce the branding process – the more a person sees a word or phrase, the more likely they are to remember it. Include a brief synopsis, or quotes from reviews and the ISBN number.

You can see the difference in the quality and appearance of the 2-color book mark versus the 4-color book mark in the image to the right.

If you do a lot of book signings, some book stores will be more willing to pass out your book marks if they do not have your contact information on them. (The book store would rather people buy your book from them – not the author!). Leaving one side blank gives you the option to add your contact information with a red rubber stamp – Website, Blogs, address and phone number, etc., – to those that you will give out at speaking engagements, networking events, trade shows, book fairs, school visits, press kits you mail to the media, or other venues other than book stores.

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