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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hot Tips for Getting Book Endorsements

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It’s been long known by people in the ad business that the proper person (celebrity or high profile endorsements) talking about a book or a product makes all the difference in the world in sales.

Favorable comments help sell books because word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forces in marketing! Anything you say about your book may appear self-serving and self-promotional, however words from high profile people are not.

You must ASK for words of praise for your book!

There are several things you must do even before you finish writing your book.

1. Design your book cover. Frame a copy of the cover and put in on your desk. Spend some $$’s on the cover. Everyone judges a book by its cover. Having the cover designed in the beginning is a terrific motivator for finishing your book!

2. After you have written several chapters, send out letters of request for endorsements. Twenty weeks before your publication date is not too soon!

Here are a few tips that I have used to get celebrity and high profile endorsements for my relationship books.

• Start at the top! Use “Star” power! Cast your net beyond people you personally know. Go for the BIGGIES! Any way that you can attach a brand name or celebrity to a book project, do it. Make a list of high profile people that “fit” in your area of expertise. They are the ones most likely to respond. High profile people know the value of having their name on something good.

Good candidate might include: congresspersons, heads of associations, celebrities, company presidents, prominent people and other authors you know.

Don’t overlook celebrity tie-ins and corporate sponsors. Perhaps a celebrity might like have their own cookbook or a health food chain might like to have a book about health.

Sometimes the most credible proof of your books benefits are from third party endorsements from three diverse readers who have little else in common other than their adoration of your book. Demonstrate that they’re “real people” by including their name, organization and additional credibility-building phrases. Display these “reinforcers” in your promotional materials.

Look for prominent online figures in your own niche to review your book. Try editors of high-profile eZINES or Websites.

It’s better to assume that someone will give you an endorsement rather that assume than they won’t and never know for sure. Some years ago, I received a hand-written endorsement from Og Mandino within 10 days of requesting it. At first, I was reluctant to ask such a revered author for an endorsement. No longer!

• Avoid those people whose names you find on every book you pick up.

• Spend some time finding their addresses and send them a letter. Requests sent to publishers rarely get forwarded to the author.

• If the book is not yet published, send enough content for them to get the “feel” of the book. Usually the table of contents and 2 or 3 chapters will do. If the book cover (front and back) is already designed, sent that too. Be ready to send the complete manuscript upon request.

Make sure what you send is not riddled with errors. Remember, the other person’s credibility is on the line endorsing you. You want to be sure they are not distracted by typos.

• In your letter of request, acknowledge that you know they are busy and you are an admirer of their work.

• Most high profile people are very busy. Make giving an endorsement easy for them.

Write 2 or 3 endorsements for them (who better can do this than you) and ask them either edit, rewrite or write one of their own. Make it grrreat!! Writing a good endorsement is a creative act; it takes time and careful thought. Editing a pre-written endorsement is easiser and faster. You will get a higher and much quicker response.

• Tell them your deadline date (45 days or more works well for most – some may take longer) and let them know that if they are unable to meet the deadline, to please send an endorsement for use in your promotional material or for the second printing of the book.

Be sure to follow up if you don’t hear anything. People who are asked for endorsements are not always quick to respond, however, some will move you to the top of their pile of endorsement requests when you follow up.

• Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

• When you get these endorsements, make sure you post them prominently on your Website and in all promotional materials. Devote a special page in the front of your book for endorsements you cannot use on the cover. I can assure you that your credibility and sales will increase because of them.

• Requesting that someone write the foreword for your book can be approached in a similar manner as endoresment, however be sure to allow a longer deadline.

Shameless Tip: Offer to write endorsements for other author’s books. I have written more than 160 endorsements and several forewords for other authors because I offered to do so. I usually add my endorsement to their page on It is good for them and great publicity for me.

Bonus Tip: Need celebrity addresses for book endorsements? Check out:

Here is a user-friendly, subscription site that provides contact information for most celebrities and their representation. More than 50,000 contacts. Go to:

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