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Friday, August 16, 2013

How to Blog a Book

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Many writers tell me that they just don’t have time to write a book. They just write for the fun of it. Hmmm. I once thought that to be true, however, if you have a “passion” for writing, you will find time. My writing coach, Peggy Fielding (Tulsa) once told me that if I was really serious about writing a book, I would spend no less than one hour each day writing. I was shocked. There was no way that I had the time to do that, so I started with 15 minutes and went from there. Today, I usually spend at least an hour writing, mostly late in the evening and into the morning.

BlogABook2Today, I have 5 websites and 4 blogs. Something new goes up on each blog every 4th day, plus I’m always adding new stuff to my websites too. The more often you blog, the quicker you will gain readers. To date, I have written nearly 2,500 articles on 3 topics and have more content than I need for three more good books to add to the five I’ve written already.

Blogging a book is the easiest and quickest way to write a book and promote it at the same time. I suggest that you print out the posts after you finish them and place them in a binder. I will distance myself from that writing for a day or two, come back, re-read what I wrote and make any edits and reprint. This creates a physical manuscript that will help you gauge how much content your book has and will give you a good idea of how much you have yet to write. This will be the first draft of your book. Be careful to stay on topic.

“Each time bloggers write a post and hit ‘publish,’ they become both authors and independent publishers. In a survey conducted by Technorati last year, 61 percent of the respondents said they spend more than three hours blogging each week and 33 percent said they update their blog at least once a day. That means they write consistently; some have a daily writing practice, whether they call it that or not. That’s more than can be said of a lot of would-be authors.” ~ Nina Amir


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I will often get ideas from comments that people post to my blog. Things I post on Facebook and Twitter often are later included in my blog posts.

You don’t just dump your blog content into a book without any further development or editing. You still have to pay attention to good editing. Some of my blog posts are adapted from my books which I wrote before I started blogging. I often get a book order as a result of the blog posts. My books were first self-published, then some of the content became blog posts. Blogging in a nonfiction category, especially if your blog focuses on how to do something or solves a problem for people, will often have a better chance of making it to a book.

If you are a writer, you need a blog regardless of whether your intention is to eventually turn it into a book. If you are a good writer and write what people really enjoy reading, you blog could eventually lead to a book.

Most blog posts are short, usually just about a computer screen’s worth of copy or so. That’s 250 to 350 words, 500 words tops. If you are a fast writer, you can write a post in about 30 minutes to an hour.

If you blogged an average of 350 words a day for 52 weeks, you would write 127,400 words. That’s two decently sized books in one year. And you’d only need to commit to one hour per day (or less) of writing time to accomplish this goal. You could write one book in six months. When you are done blogging your book, edit the manuscript and self-publish it.

Larry’s NOTE: There are many resources on the Internet about “blogging a book.” I’ve barely scratched the surface. Do a Google search. Nina Amir is a good person to follow. I recommend that you also read the articles she has posted on

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