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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Writing a Book: Where Do You Begin?

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Are you ever afraid you will run out of ideas when writing?

If you’re tired of skimming your community newspaper or trolling the shelves of your public library for article ideas, you’re a pretty typical writer. Ideas to write about are everywhere. Try observing, reading, listening and paying attention to life in general. You must be committed to writing and to never running out of ideas if you want to write a book.

MessyDeskWhen I wrote my first book, I decided it should have 10 chapters. I started by titling each chapter then started writing in the chapter that I knew would be the easiest to start. My second book became total of 333 different topics about relationships. Some topic were long some were short but when it came time to put them all together I had enough topics for a 310 page relationship book.

“Don’t be afraid to start somewhere in the middle. Write the pieces that are flowing for you. That may not be the introduction or chapter one. It might be chapter twelve. Trust your flow and write what’s coming.” ~ Marnie Pehrson

Because people love to find easy-to-follow instructions and “how to” books to help them accomplish something, the relationship book became my best seller. There was something there for everyone. It got the attention of a producer on ABC TV’s “The View.” Four months later Barbara Walters interviewed me and the book went national.

I have a special file in my computer labeled, “Fresh Ideas.” There you will find anywhere from a couple of lines or a paragraph or two of an idea about another topic to write about. Whenever I need an idea I pop open that file. Usually there are quite a few ideas and perhaps a couple of lines to get me started on something new. Often I will nurture these ideas, maybe writing an additional line or thought about them, then let the idea go again to stumble across it at a later date.

ideaI also have a file basket on my computer desk. Mooch from magazines. Often I can be seen at a fast-food joint skip-reading a few magazines that I seem to never have time to read at my office. Keep your notepad handy when reading magazines and newspapers. Use a voice recorder. I always take notes while reading, these quick ideas which may seem unimportant at first will be invaluable in the future.

When an idea comes, I scribble some notes and toss it in the file basket on my computer desk. I will often revisit a story I’ve already written and come up with new angles for other markets. I will re-slant the article accordingly. Use your own creative imagination. I will also often get an idea from driving past a billboard. Sometimes just a few words will pop out at me. I make notes for later. I never run out of ideas.

Read bumper stickers. Pay attention to advertisements. Advertisements tell a story in a few short words. Restate the idea in your own words, then expand it. Again, the ads show the current trends. Read a variety of magazines, because you never know what may hit you.

A trip down the Hallmark or American Greetings aisle promises to generate ideas about the range of human emotions. You don’t have to buy them to get ideas from the text and artwork. Making ideas happen isn’t easy and requires patience, determination and hard work.

Join an authors group. Brainstorm with other writers. Jotting down even two words is usually enough to trigger the idea when you’re ready to start working on an article later. When I read something that someone else has written about the topic I am pursuing, ideas of my own pop into my head; sometimes they are my interpretation of what I just read, but are in my own words. Because something similar has already existed, doesn’t mean you can’t make an improvement on it.

“While most people complain about standing in line or waiting for the doctor or dentist, I consider waiting an opportunity. The next time you find yourself waiting for something, instead of pacing and griping, tune into your own thoughts. It’s amazing what can occur to you if you’ll just quiet your mind. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. In other words, eaves drop.” ~ Patricia Fry

If you are committed to writing, you will need a constant flow of new ideas for articles. Write what you know best or about things you want to know more about. You need only to take a look at your own life to find ideas. If what you’re reading, watching, or listening to doesn’t directly relate to what your looking for for a blog or article, you should always try to find a way to relate it to your business or to the topic at hand.

You can use the same formula for books. Write enough articles on the same subject and after a while you will have enough material for a book! Things I’ve blogged about can be put together to form a book.

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