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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ten Tips When Business is Slow

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Judy Cullins, Guest Author

Are you worried that your business will slow down too much in this low economy? Are you concerned that not many people are buying from you as they were before? How’s your business going to keep growing with the holidays just around the corner?

If you are concerned the cash flow won’t flow and you won’t have enough income for the next six months, check out these ten tips:


Judy Cullins

1. Create written, useful, copy to e-mail your opt-in web subscribers – your all important data base.

And, post similar copy on Twitter, Facebook, your blog and Linkedin groups. Linkedin offers many groups for all of your audiences.

Just for your faithful customers on your growing data base, send a free how-to report, a thoughtful poem to celebrate the holidays, or a free offer of answering a question via e-mail. This action keeps your name out in front of your audience, and it makes them feel acknowledged.

2. Create a form letter to send by e-mail to your potential clients.

It reminds them you are available for them when they are ready to make a decision. Sample: “Dear (name or group), Just wondering if this is the time for you to begin action on your book, internet marketing or web project? As you know I work with small business people who want to write, publish and sell their books, that will make a difference in others’ lives, become the savvy expert and household name, and build business profits consistently.” Follow up with a special offer like a half hour phone session, or your free ezine or articles. Send it during and after the holiday.

3. Organize your computer files to locate the gold.

Perhaps you’ll find an unfinished article that you can edit and send to the opt-in (no spam) ezines or even better, post on your own Website blog. These articles placed your book coach #1 in Google and other search engines as well raising her traffic 57% in the last 4 months of this year. Now, her Alexa score has gone way down to around 400,000 for global and 200,000 for the US and even lower for the UK, from when she started to measure her success about 10 years ago.

4. Offer a strategic alliance with top people in your field.

Joint venture benefits include exposing your talents to new audiences, and these adventures take all kinds of forms. Just recently I offered 6 complementary businesses a chance to exchange blurbs and URLs to tweet or put up on Facebook fan pages as recommendations. All 6 said yes. Years ago I got a column on a big publishing site with 30,000 newsletter subscribers that brought me new business. This year, I’ve been interviewed via teleseminar on skills sets for writing and marketing books with a favorable split of future profits.

5. Hire a part-time organizer, computer assistant, or Virtual Assistant (VA).

Call your local high school and place an ad for their career center. Find techie people through the computer classes. Offer more than minimum wage, and you can double, even triple your business results with just a little investment. If you don’t promote each day, you lose your momentum and potential buyer’s responses. You can do the creating, your assistant can send the e-mail out, clean up your files, and do web marketing.

6. Send out an e-mail survey to discover what’s on your potential customer’s or client’s minds.

Ask them what is the number one question they would like to have you answer for them. Then compile the questions and answers. Leverage them to place on your web site, place a few in several ezines to add new content, post them on your blog, or exchange with strategic partners.

7. Take some time off.

Renew yourself with a walk to hear the birds, see the green and enjoy the smells. On my walks I take a big whiff of Starbucks coffee aromas as I pass by to my local lake. Check out nearby places such as a spa, hot mineral springs, or gardens to be silent. Include more yoga in your day. When you stay in the present moment, you renew and restore yourself to keep going.

8. Get your expenses tallied before tax season.

See what else you can do to get more deductions before the year’s end. I usually guestimate my deductions, including office in the home against my estimated year’s income. Then, I can adjust my buying new office equipment or investing more in my team.

9. Stop spending time on things you don’t enjoy.

Say, “I let go of all that doesn’t serve me.” Look over your daily to do pages, and instead of dashing from one thing to another, list just 3 High Level Activities you want to accomplish for each day. Then, finish one before you move on to another lesser priority. That’s the trick! This is a $25,000 tip from Charles Schwab just for you!

10. Make promotion and marketing part of your daily life.

Doing a little each day does bring great rewards. You may not get to pick the time someone uses your service or product, but ongoing promotion does work. I just found an e-mail from one year ago from a potential client. Today, he is with me as a full on client for his site, his new eBook and social media marketing.

These tips are just the beginning. Put an easy attitude on as your build your business even during the low economy or the holidays. Then, reward yourself with quality time with friends and family.

Copyright © 2011 – Judy Cullins. Reprinted with permission. Judy Cullins helps businesses and first time publishers share their brilliance in a saleable book. An author’s advocate, with 25 years of bookcoaching experience, and 13 books on book marketing, Judy’s clients love her practical and fast how to’s and strategies. She knows the book marketing and selling business too, so she is a one-stop coach who has a 100+ page website to support you who take the book writing, publishing, and marketing adventure. Judy offers you all a free subscription to her Website where you can get her free eBook writing and market tips, and her weekly how to business writing and marketing messages straight to your e-mail door step. Go to: and scroll down to leave your e-mail. Visit Judy’s Website!


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