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Monday, December 6, 2010

Radio Talk Shows

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It has been my experience that if you have written a book, radio talk shows are the best way to promote it. No other medium lets you promote your product, service, cause or issue in front of thousands of people than radio talk shows. And the best part. . . it doesn’t cost you a cent.

There are more radio listeners in the U.S.A. than TV watchers and Newspaper readers. Did you know that more than 200 Million American commuters listen to the radio on their way back and forth to work every day making radio the most powerful media there is. . . even more powerful than TV?

It’s a little more complcated than just calling a radio station and asking to be interviewed. So. . . welcome to a mini radio talk show school. This information will get you pointed in the right direction.

First, you need to read: “How to Be a Great Radio Guest!”

Next, read: “Radio Station Checklist: Stuff You NEED to Know & Do BEFORE You Go on the Air!”

SPECIAL: If you would like to receive a FREE 26-page report of the two articles above, send an e-mail to Larry James. Be sure to type, “Please send How to Book Radio Shows and Be a Great Guest” in the subject and I will sent it to you as a Word docx by e-mail.

Before you dive in the “radio talk show” pool, study the two articles above. There are at least 11 more great articles about being on radio talk shows on my Author & Speaker Website. They will help you get some of the training you need to get started.

NEVER pay the radio station to be interviewed. Producers of talk shows want to talk with you. They are constantly on the lookout for great guests to help them entertain and frankly, to help them build the ratings for their station. They need you just like you need them.

Fifteen minutes on a talk show can bring you more business or website traffic than you can get by paying for an equal amount of traditional radio advertising.

TIP: Don’t pitch radio stations for an interview if you haven’t been media-trained to do radio interviews. You may ruin your chances of ever getting invited back. Don’t pitch radio stations for an interview if your book is not in the book stores. Not much need to create excitement for your listeners if they can’t go out and buy your book. Talk to a coach with prior radio experience and more than 650 radio interviews under his belt!

Media expert, Brian Farris says, “The number of listeners is usually in direct proportion to the market size, but not always. A small 1000 watt AM station in Casper, Wyoming (market #286) is going to have far fewer listeners that a 1000 watt AM station in New York City (market #1.) But, the biggest station in Casper could very well have more listeners than the smallest station in New York City. So it’s not always the market size that counts.”

Brian further states: “There is a good side to doing a lot of small station interviews. One is that you can do lots of practice; but the real reason is that you are building a network of small station interviews (which really becomes your personal contacts) which causes the larger stations to take notice. All radio people talk, via discussion lists, blogs, newsletters, conventions, and owner-supplied white lists. Once you get some of these folks talking about you (about how good you were on the air), other stations will listen.”

With such an abundance of shows airing on terrestrial stations, online stations, (even Podcasts) and satellite radio, and covering such a wide range of topics, you’re sure to find many that will be a good match for your message.

Need to know which radio stations to contact? Radio-Locator – This site claims to be – and in my opinion is – the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the Internet. With links to over 10,000 radio station Web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world, listings show call signs, distance from selected cities and towns, frequency, format, and signal strength.

If you are new to radio talk shows, until you become experienced at matching wits with the hosts, you might want to begin your media tour by beginning with the #200 radio market and work your way up to #1.

For a list of the “Top 200 Radio Markets,” click here.

By the way, radio talk shows are not just good for promoting your books, they can assist you in promoting a speaking engagement, a book signing, a product you sell and more.

BONUS Article: No Shock – Talk Radio’s a New Game! Part 1


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