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Monday, October 11, 2010

Speak in Soundbites on Radio Talk Shows!

Why do radio talk shows to promote yourself or service?

1. Most radio interviews can be done by telephone, with no travel required.
2. Most interviews are live, and allow for Q & A from the listeners.
3. With interviews ranging from five to sixty minutes, this forum provides adequate time for a you to talk about yourself, book or service.
4. A guest can give out a toll-free number, website, or direct listeners to a bookstore to make a purchase.

A&S-SoundbitesWikipedia says, “A soundbite is an audiolinguistic and social communications phenomenon. It is characterized by a short phrase or sentence that deftly captures the essence of what the speaker is trying to say. Such key moments in dialogue (or monologue) stand out better in the audience’s memory and thus become the “taste” that best represents the entire “meal” of the larger message or conversation. Soundbites are a natural consequence of people placing ever greater emphasis on summarizing ever-increasing amounts of information in their lives.”

In a radio interview, an answer to a host’s question has 3 parts.

• Restate the question or the problem
• Give an example of the problem
• Define the solution

Don’t fail this test. Be fiercely opinionated. Be who you are! Offer your input and perspective. Be inspiring, provocative, believable, different and memorable. Look at this opportunity as an audition; a genuine tryout for a real on-air performance. Speak to them in your very best soundbites.

When an author is interviewed on radio (or television), unless it’s a live broadcast, you never know what may end up on the cutting room floor after editors are through tightening it.

It is critical to repeat your core message points and your book’s title several times to be sure that even if only one of your answers makes it over the airwaves, the book gets some play. No matter what you are asked, chime in on you message, as everything you say must support your ideas.

Be Prepared – Have your cheat-sheet with your keywords and book(s) in front of you. Be sure to have answers (soundbites) written out for the sample questions you sent the host. Most radio interviews are by telephone. If you go to the studio, take your stuff with you!

Think in terms of limiting an editor’s choices of what will make the final cut.

kerchnersoundbitesSoundbites: A Business Guide to Working With the Media – Kathy Kerchner – With 14 years as a TV new reporter and anchor she’s seen it all; good interviews and “really” bad ones. There is no substitute for hands-on experience and personal coaching. Soundbites coaches you on how to make every interview work “for” you.

barlarLarry’s Review: Learn from the expert! What to say, when and how to say it and WHY you need to learn to speak in sound bites! That’s it in a nutshell. This book was my bible when I appeared on ABC TV’s “The View” with Barbara Walters. I highly recommend it.

NOTE: Larry James has appeared on more than 650 radio talk shows. He’s been a Professional Speaker since 1987 and has written 5 books. If you are invited to do a radio interview and are a little shakey about it, call Larry James. He provides expert coaching for authors and speakers.

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