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Sunday, October 3, 2010

When You Get Love Notes. . .

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When someone says something nice about my business, my books, my Websites or my BLOGs, I call them Love Notes. Some call them client testimonials or endorsements.

Don’t be bashful. . . ask your customer and clients for endorsements. Actively solicit testimonials. Words of approval are marketing gold. If you get a really great note from someone who has read your book or who has attended your seminar or workshop, ask them if you can post it on your website, BLOG or use it in your promotional materials. Most people are flattered to be asked to endorse a book.

Favorable comments help sell books, your products and more because word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forces in marketing! Anything you say about your book may appear self-serving and self-promotional, however words from high profile people are not. You must ASK for words of praise for your book!

When a customer becomes a raving fan, that is wonderful opportunity because you have helped them, and you now have a new potential endorser for your book or whatever. Endorsements are a great enhancement for your book. They add credibility in the eyes of the readers.

Some people don’t know what to say and often don’t have the time. I’m a writer, so that where I can help. I offer to write something for them as a “sample draft” and have them review it and add to it as they care to. Send a few versions of endorsements to them and ask them to pick one as-is, pick one and change it to his or her liking, mix and match, or start from scratch. Most people usually are okay with this, especially if you are asking a celebrity or well known person for the favor.

When you solicit endorsements, start big. Use “Star” power! Go for the BIGGIES! Never assume that an endorsement is out of the question. Any way that you can attach a brand name or celebrity to a book project, do it. Make a list of high profile people that “fit” in your area of expertise. They are the ones most likely to respond. High profile people know the value of having their name on something good. Dr. John Gray, author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” has endorsed all three of my relationship books. I just asked him – and he said yes. So did Jack Canfield.

“Larry James speaks from the heart. His words carefully craft a message of hope that inspires couples to work together in a spirit of love and understanding. The powerful effect of his work in the area of relationships can change your life!” ~ Jack Canfield, Bestselling Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Sometimes the most credible proof of your books benefits are from third party endorsements from three diverse readers who have little else in common other than their adoration of your book. Demonstrate that they’re “real people” by including their name, organization and additional credibility-building phrases. Display these “reinforcers” in your promotional materials.

Some years ago, I received a hand-written endorsement from Og Mandino within 10 days of requesting it. At first, I was reluctant to ask such a revered author for an endorsement. No longer!

Shameless Tip: Offer to write endorsements for other author’s books. I have written endorsements for more than 160 books and several forewords for other authors because I offered to do so. It is good for them and great publicity for me. I volunteered to post my reviews on as a favor to the authors. You can do it too.

When you get these endorsements, make sure you post them prominently on your Website, BLOG, and in all promotional materials. Devote a special page in the front of your book for endorsements you cannot use on the cover. I can assure you that your credibility and sales will increase because of them.

Since 2002 I have been performing “romantic” wedding ceremonies as part of my business. It ties in nicely with my work in the relationship area. Click here to read what some of my former clients have had to say about their weddings. You will also notice on this same page that I make it very easy for others to post their Love Notes. 😉

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